Mark Grid Antennas

Global Leader for Parabolic Grid Antennas

Frequency Bands 335 MHz to 2.700 GHz

For over 50 years, Mark Parabolic Grid Antennas are the recognized leader in the commercial grid market segment serving the public safety, broadcast, utility, pipeline, carrier, military and other fixed microwave applications. The Mark grid antennas operate in range of frequency bands from 335 to 2.700 GHz with antennas ranging in size from 3-ft (0.9) to 15-ft (4.6) diameters.

Dependable, Light-weight Parabolic Grid Antennas

Mark parabolic grid antenna solutions service all sectors of the microwave back haul communications industry. These parabolic grid designs have been in service worldwide for decades and are utilized by carriers, utilities, public safety, government, military, pipeline and the broadcast segments. Their unique light-weight design allows for installation on tower and roof tops that might not be suitable for an equivalent solid antenna.

Robust Structural Design

The light-weight design should not be confused with the antennas robust structural design which has shown that they can have the same operational life expectancy as a solid parabolic antenna. The reduced wind-load signature of a parabolic grid also reduces the tower loading issue and makes it ideal for light duty tower installations.

Mark parabolic grids are world and field proven designs that will offer your microwave network years of trouble free operation.



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