Conscan Antennas

mWAVE’s “conically scanning” feed (conscan) and antenna packages utilize a circular waveguide horn design. This design allows for wide frequency band coverage in one feed design that covers L & S Bands. The smaller aperture feed design allows for lower aperture blockage and produces higher gain and reduced sidelobes characteristics. A conscan feed assembly does not exhibit the insertion losses associated with typical feed designs.

mWAVE also has extensive experience with designing and building 80 GHz conscanning antenna for specialized and military applications.

Please contact us to discuss your specific conscanning antenna needs.

Below is an example of one of mWAVE’s Conscan antenna designs:

MODEL: CCR5-200297-WR

mWAVE Industries, LLC
Model CCR5-200297-WR
High Performance 1.5m K/Ka-band
Transmit and Receive Conscan Cassegrain Antenna.

This antenna was designed to meet stringent sidelobe requirements while maintaining a transmit gain in excess of 50 dBic. The transmit VSWR is 1.17:1 maximum. The main reflector is a low-RMS lightweight composite with integral mounting hub for direct attachment to a tracking pedestal. The RF inputs to the Cassegrain feed system are WR42 and WR28 cover flanges located behind the vertex of the main reflector. The WR42 RF port operates from 19.7 to 20.2 GHz. The WR28 RF port operates from 29.5 to 30.0 GHz. Both bands are right hand circularly polarized with exceptional axial ratio performance. The antenna is configured for minimal crossover loss and a scan rate of 1800 RPM. The conscan drive is powered by a 115 VAC 60 Hz synchronous motor. Revolution feedback is accomplished via an inductive proximity sensor. The fully assembled antenna weighs less than 40 pounds. The finish is white paint color No. 17875 per FED-STD-595.

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