Airborne Antennas

Airborne Antenna

mWAVE’s innovative line of airborne (UAV) antennas are integrated as communication and radio navigation systems on a variety of airborne platforms. These omnidirectional antennas are part of the data link system associated with communications on aircrafts.  mWAVE’s antennas are used by customers worldwide in military, civilian and commercial aviation segments.  Airborne antenna systems are designed for use in an array of standard commercial, scientific and military bands and custom frequency specific bands are routine to mWAVE. All mWAVE airborne antenna designs are for use in severe environments for years of trouble free operation and optimum efficiency.  The mWAVE engineering groups pride themselves on years of innovative product design & customization capabilities to suit specific customer requirements.

mWAVE Industries has extensive experience supplying mission critical blade style UAV antenna to defense contractors and the military.  This C-Band Omni UAV drone antenna was designed for airborne communication applications. The omnidirectional antenna is part of the data link system associated with communications on the aircraft. It was designed for harsh environments and a long life cycle.


  • Temperature, Operating and Storage/Transit:
    -40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Wind loading: 200 mph
  • Humidity: 100%
  • Altitude, Operating & Non-Operating:
    – 50,000 ft., both operating and non-operating
  • Optional colors are available


Frequency Range Type:


Diameter Size :

Beamwidth Degrees:

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