60 – 110 GHZ Antennas


60 GHz, 80 GHz, 94 GHz and 110 GHz

57 – 110 GHz / U – W MMW Bands.  mWAVE offers an industry leading portfolio of 8”, 1FT, 2FT and 3FT diameter parabolic antennas for 60GHz, 70GHz, 80GHz, 94GHz and 110GHz applications that can be customized to mate with the radio manufacturers ODU or for advanced military or airborne applications. The modular design can be configured with or without our advanced compact aluminum mount that offers superior fine azimuth and elevation adjustment required at these high frequencies. Please review our specific data sheets for further mechanical and electrical specifications.

  • Available in 8” and 1FT sizes with and without mounts
  • Superior Radiation Efficiency
  • Sturdy and weather resistant reflector and radome design
  • mWave’s 80 GHz, 94 GHz and 110 GHz products can be configured for commercial, airborne, radar or military applications
  • Linear Polarization, Dual Polarization option available
  • Integrated direct waveguide connect design options available
  • Compact, rugged aluminum mount design using corrosion resistant materials, stainless steel hardware
  • Survival ratings: 125 mph wind / 1 inch ice
  • Operate wind: 70 mph
  • Superior fine azimuth and elevation adjustment
  • Optional sight alignment tool available
  • Experience with lightweight airborne and other specialized applications


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