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Perforated Parabolic Antennas

mWAVE’s innovative perforated parabolic antenna line are precision built light-weight utility grade commercial antennas specially designed for deployment on positioners, mobile telescoping masts and fixed applications. The perforations in these reflectors provide a reduced windload on the reflector and its supporting structure. They feature enhanced electrical and mechanical features that are designed from the start to be customizable and offer years of uninterrupted operation.

Perforated reflectors are available in 2-ft (0.6), 3-ft (0.9) and 4-ft (1.2) diameters and are currently available to operate 2-GHz, 4-GHz and 5-GHz bands in single, dual or circular polarized configurations. Customer specific frequency bands are available on request. The standard input for these models is a type N feed input, other input types and OEM interfaces are available.

When equipped with mWAVE’s standard mount, the antenna features independent azimuth and elevation adjustment that mates to 1.9 – 4.5 in. O.D. (48 – 114 mm) customer supplied vertical pipe mast. All production model antennas are painted gray with custom colors available on request.  Unless otherwise noted these perforated parabolic models have a survival rating pf 90 mph (144 kmh) wind. An optional Wind Brace kit is available.

mWave Industries, LLC, is part of the Alaris Holdings Group of companies and is a leading global provider of innovative custom and commercial microwave antenna solutions ranging from 100 MHz to 110 GHz antenna systems and feed assemblies.  mWAVE’s microwave antenna brands include the industry leading Gabriel and Mark lines of terrestrial microwave antennas which are recognized worldwide for their robust designs and reliability. Established in 2004, mWAVE has been designing and manufacturing standard and custom microwave antenna products for point-to-point, satellite communications/ground station, in both the commercial and government sectors spanning the defense, commercial carrier, scientific, and academia markets.



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