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P-25A36GN-U when reliability and sustainability are essential

The mWAVE Mark P-25A36GN-U 0.9m / 3-ft parabolic grid is a rugged professional grade antenna that goes beyond anything available in the market, of its size.  This robust antenna design is deployed in critical networks where reliability and sustainability are essential. Unlike other small aperture grids these small aperture reflectors are designed with a Survival Rating of 201 kmh / 125 mph wind and are customizable to withstand other conditions per the customers site specific environmental conditions. All mWAVE Mark parabolic grid antennas meet or exceed Standard ANSI/TIA-222.


A true characteristic of mWAVE’s P-25A36GN-U 0.9m / 3-ft Mark parabolic grids is lower wind-loading, typically reduced by 40% or more from a comparable sized solid antenna without ice. Other key features found on this model series are a full range of independent azimuth and elevation adjustments similar to the features found on mWAVE’s larger parabolic grid antennas. The reflector mounts to a  customers provided vertical mast pipe ranging from 2.38 in. – 4 in. OD (60 mm – 102 mm). Custom mounts for specific applications are available on request The reflector is manufactured with high quality aluminum tubes and welded to an aluminum rim and back ring for years of trouble free operation.


These small aperture grids can be found in all corners of the communication industry ranging from, wireless broadband service providers, military, research, corporate data-backhaul, broadcast studio to transmitter link (STL), temporary or redundant systems, utility markets, public safety segments and wireless carriers to name a few.


The antennas come with mWAVE’s standard 3 year warranty.  To find out more or to request a quote, click here 

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