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Dual Circular

mWAVE’s 1.100-1.700 GHz, Dual Circular Prime Focus Feed is an engineered solution to complex problem

mWAVE’s Dual Circular Prime Focus Feed solution model FPP1CD-14-N-C is a custom engineered solution to meet a client’s specific need that did not exist in the marketplace until now. mWAVE’s custom engineering team created this dual circular feed that is designed to operate in the 1.100 – 1.700 GHz band. This design is scalable to accommodate other bands and specification requirements. This design was specifically intended for use in a 3.1-meter reflector with an .375 f/d, and includes a prime radiator and an integrated RF component enclosure with mounting flange. The enclosure contains the band pass filters and low noise amplifiers for each channel in addition to a test inject circuit for monitoring the function of both amplifiers. Other components for this design that were included in the insulated enclosure is a heater fan assembly to maintain temperatures of the feed interior and aperture above freezing temps to guarantee performance down to -40° C/F.

Customizable feed designs, and frequency bands are available with various power handling options and polarizations are available on request.

mWAVE’s custom design team will design and manufacture antennas and feeds to meet your specific requirements. Our engineers have experience from 100 MHz to over 110 GHz, and with apertures ranging in size from a single patch to over 100 feet. Let us partner with you to develop a set of specifications that meet your system requirements.

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