mWAVE Announces the expansion of its 800 MHz and 900 MHz STL antenna lines

Windham, Maine, USA, 25, March 2022

mWAVE recently announced the expansion of its popular 800 and 900 MHz parabolic grid antenna line with a professional grade suite of 800 MHz and 900 MHz solid parabolic antennas. This new line up of solid parabolic models allow operators more flexibility when choosing the antenna to suit their specific site demands. These new solid reflectors are ideally suited for sites where environmental impacts are a routine concern. Unlike a parabolic grid the solid models can installed with a radome to protect the feed from snow and ice buildup and at the same time minimizing the wind load impact on the antenna and forces on the tower when utilizing the radome option.

This new solid parabolic antenna line for 800 MHz and the 900 MHz frequency bands can installed in a variety of applications with broadcast studio to transmitter links (STL) being the larger segment of the installs.

Key features of this newly added line:

•             Available in two frequency bands – 875-960 MHz and 940-960 MHz

•             4-ft (1.2m), 6-ft (1.8m) and 8-ft (2.4m) reflector sizes

•             Single Polarized configuration

•             Feed Input options – 7/8 EIA Flange, Type N-Female, and 7/16 DIN.  (Non-Pressurized and Pressurized options)

•             Field proven mounts with course and fine AZ/EL adjustments

•             All models are available with optional Fixed and Adjustable struts

•             Available with optional conical fiberglass or composite radome

•             Production Gray – other colors available

•             Severe Environment model configurations available.

See the datasheets below:

875-960 MHz Standard Parabolic Line-220329_rev.1-DS

940-960 MHz Standard Parabolic Line-220311_rev.1-DS

For more information about mWAVE’s new line of 800 MHz and 900 MHz antenna products or to learn more about the other mWAVE antenna products please visit us at

About mWAVE

Established in 2004, mWAVE Industries, LLC, designs and manufactures standard and custom microwave antenna products for commercial and government applications spanning the scientific, defense, and academic communities. With mWAVE’s 2015 acquisition of the Gabriel and Mark Grid antenna lines, mWAVE now offers one of the largest portfolios of microwave antenna products covering parabolic grids, solid parabolic antennas and feeds including conscan and monopulse designs. mWAVE’s additional product offerings consist of micro-strip arrays, horns, helices, sectors, omnidirectional antennas, and waveguide arrays. mWAVE maintains a fully equipped antenna test range that is for verifying new antenna designs and for production verification and third-party testing for its customers.                    



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