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Mark Parabolic Grid Antennas are history in the making

Antennas do not age, they evolve as we have seen with our Mark Parabolic Grid antennas.

Thousands of Mark parabolic grids have been produced since the 1960s and have been shipped to customers worldwide.  Starting at 3-ft (0.9m) our antennas go up to 15-ft (4.6m).

A leader in the development of microwave parabolic grid antennas, Mark Antenna has been instrumental in providing rugged light weight antennas to the public safety, utility, carrier and energy markets including both government and military sectors.

We have improved feed enhancements for increased performance and reliability, introduced new training videos for common installation questions and we have an antenna and feed repair service.  We believe strongly in the work that these antennas are subjected to which is why we have a renew to factory spec program.  Our aim is to offer continued support for your parabolic grids no matter when they were installed.

To reduce shipping cost and improve site handling, Mark antennas are available in a 4-piece ComPak grid model line that are available in 4-ft. (1.2m) – 6-ft. (1.8m) and 8-ft. (2.4m) diameters. All Mark grid models can be configured to weather your specific site’s environmental conditions.

Contact us  for replacement parts, stock and built to order requirements.

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