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Introducing our innovative 4-ft/1.2m diameter Dual Circular Pol X-band antenna

mWAVE Industries of Windham, Maine USA engineers and manufactures a wide array of satellite antenna configurations for client-specific mission scenarios in the defence, scientific, commercial, and other market sectors. 

One such solution from mWAVE is an innovative 4-ft / 1.2m diameter parabolic antenna that is a Dual Circular Pol X-Band model operating at the 7.25-8.40 GHz band. This innovative antenna is engineered to transmit/receive X-band and is equipped with a vertex mounted Cassegrain style feed system utilizing UG/51U WR-112F feed flanges located behind the vertex of the main reflector. This RCCD4-80-112F antenna is designed for constant use in a variety of harsh environments while delivering optimal performance and reliability.

mWAVE’s comprehensive line of robust custom and commercial satellite antenna designs are deployed in a variety of applications ranging from fixed to mobile deployments worldwide.

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