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Severe Environment

Gabriel Severe Environment Antenna Models

Gabriel Severe Environment Antenna Models

Severe environment conditions and mission critical microwave networks demand field proven solutions for a wide range of environmental conditions. mWAVE ‘s Gabriel line of point to point microwave antenna systems offer severe environment models in Standard, High Performance and Ultra High Performance configurations and have done so since 1943.

These severe environment antenna models are engineered to survive the worst conditions encountered. Microwave antennas are typically designed to meet wind conditions of up to 201 kmh / 125 mph while the Gabriel Severe Environment models are engineered to handle your specific sites environmental operational and survival requirements for winds of 255 kmh / 150 mph and 322 kmh / 200 mph. These models can also be customized to meet your other site specific requirements such as corrosive environments, snow and ice loading.

Current antenna models are available in frequency bands ranging from 4.400-5.000 GHz, 5.925-6.425 GHz, 6.425-7.125 GHz, 7.125-7.750 GHz, 7.750-8.500 GHz, 7.125-8.500 GHz and 10.500-11.700 GHz. Wide band models and custom bands are also available.

These antenna models utilize a variety of engineered manufacturing methods and components to achieve your survival rating needs. The use of reinforced reflector rims, back rings, robust shrouds, heavy duty radome’s and special fixed struts to achieve your sites requirements.

These Gabriel models are field proven and have been deployed worldwide in some of the worst conditions possible while meeting and exceeding the end-user / operators expectations.

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