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Point to Point

3-ft (0.9m) High Performance point to point antenna

Model: HRP3-800 Point to Point Antenna

71.0 – 86.0 GHz
3-ft (0.9m) High Performance point to point antenna
Single polarized

mWAVE Industries LLC (mWAVE) recently completed comprehensive testing, commercialization and production of its new 3-ft (0.9-m) diameter high performance and high gain 80 GHz point to point antenna model HRP3-800.

This high performance, high gain 3-ft (0.9m) PTP antenna model is utilized by commercial carriers, government, defense and wherever high throughput is required. This HRP3-800 model features a field proven azimuth (AZ) and elevation (EL) fine adjustment feature that is also available on the smaller mWAVE 1-ft (0.3m) and 2-ft. (0.9m) 80-GHz models. mWAVE’s 80 GHz product line to date has had a significant impact in the high frequency PTP antenna market worldwide. This model is also available with the optional dual polarized adapter. This model is currently compatible with many of the industry leading 80 GHz OEM radio direct connect ODU designs.

The addition of the HRP3-800 high gain model allows integrators and carriers an antenna solution to achieve longer 80 GHz radio links.

With the addition of this model mWAVE expands its already comprehensive portfolio of millimeter-wave antenna designs and related products in the 60, 94 & 110 GHz frequency bands.

Product Features

  • Frequency Band: 71.0 – 86.0 GHz (other bands available are 60 94 & 110 GHz)
  • Antenna Type High Performance
  • Diameter: 3-ft (0.9m)
  • Gain: 54.0 dBi
  • Beam width 0.3°
  • Cross Pol. Disc. 35-dB
  • Front to Back Ratio 74-dB
  • Modular configurations including with and without mounts
  • Optional dual polarization adapter available
  • Features the industries easiest to install and AZ/EL adjustment mount solution.
  • Integrates into a wide range of platforms ranging from fixed, airborne, rapid deployment and ruggedized versions. Customizable applications available.

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