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Alaris Holdings Purchases UK based Linwave Technology

Alaris Holdings Purchases UK based Linwave Technology. South African based Alaris Holdings has long been on the lookout for opportunities to widen its already substantial footprint. A specialist in the RF (radio frequency) technology field, the company has grown from a small consulting service into a powerhouse, globally recognised for its extensive expertise and continuous development of intellectual property. The Alaris Holdings Group currently consists of four entities – Alaris Antennas (based in South…


P-25A36GN-U when reliability and sustainability are essential

The mWAVE Mark P-25A36GN-U 0.9m / 3-ft parabolic grid is a rugged professional grade antenna that goes beyond anything available in the market, of its size.  This robust antenna design is deployed in critical networks where reliability and sustainability are essential. Unlike other small aperture grids these small aperture reflectors are designed with a Survival…

Dual Circular

mWAVE’s 1.100-1.700 GHz, Dual Circular Prime Focus Feed is an engineered solution to complex problem

mWAVE’s Dual Circular Prime Focus Feed solution model FPP1CD-14-N-C is a custom engineered solution to meet a client’s specific need that did not exist in the marketplace until now. mWAVE’s custom engineering team created this dual circular feed that is designed to operate in the 1.100 – 1.700 GHz band. This design is scalable to…

Elotek Systems

mWAVE signs Elotek Systems, Inc. as its non-exclusive Western States Representative

Windham, Maine, USA, July 6, 2020 – mWAVE Industries, LLC is pleased to announce that Elotek Systems, Inc. has been named the Company’s Western States representative for custom and select commercial antenna product segments. Elotek Systems is a solutions provider committed to the selling and marketing of technical products, which include sensing, measuring, conditioning, telemetering,…


mWAVE’s Custom Engineering Group – RF and Mechanical Technical Solutions

mWAVE’s Custom Engineering Group – RF and Mechanical Technical Solutions mWAVE’s engineering staff designs RF and mechanical solutions that overcome a broad array of real-world challenges. Be it network equipment limitations or to fill a missing link in a client’s research and development project, mWAVE helps by delivering innovation at every level. These experienced engineers…

Michael Cahill

Michael Cahill, mWAVE’s Vice President of Sales and Business Development retires

mWAVE Industries of Windham, Maine announces that Michael Cahill, mWAVE’s Vice President of Sales and Business Development retired in August 2019. Michael Cahill has spent the past 36 years in the microwave antenna industry where he developed the respect of his fellow employees, industry leaders, friends and countless others. As one of the founders of…

80 GHz

mWAVE Industries Announces ‘Industry First’ Commercially Available 3-foot – 80 GHz Antenna

mWAVE Industries LLC (mWAVE), an industry leading antenna design and manufacturing company, is pleased to announce the commercialization and production of its high performance 3-ft (0.9-m) diameter 80 GHz point to point antenna, model HRP3-800. mWAVE’s new design is readily compatible with a large number of current 80 GHz OEM direct connect radio ODU designs,…

Alaris Holdings

mWAVE Industries acquired by Alaris Holdings Limited

mWAVE Industries, LLC announced that it has been acquired by South African based Alaris Holdings Limited ( effective October 1, 2018. Alaris Holdings is a global technology holding group that invests in RF related technology companies. It currently has operations and offices in South Africa, Europe, and now the United States. Alaris Holdings is publicly…

mWAVE’s OQCL0-04-LC – High Powered CP Wideband Omni Antennas Delivers

mWAVE’s wideband omni antennas feature customizable configurations the most discriminating deployment applications can demand. These UHF FTS High Powered LHCP Wideband Omni Antennas – model number OQCL0-04-LC is designed for the commercial sector and for use in military applications. These antennas are designed and manufactured to support both fixed site and mobile applications.  All models…

COJOT Product Spotlight: Wideband Antennas for all Major Wireless Frequencies

COJOT offers wideband antennas for the 400 – 6000 MHz range that provide an ideal solution to different kind of applications and for various types of installation environments – covering wireless technologies like 5G, LTE, LINK-16, WLAN & ISM 2.4GHz & 5 GHz and WiMAX. Compact NATO / US Pattern Mount Vehicle Antennas WB460M: 430 –…



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