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P-25A36GN-U when reliability and sustainability are essential

The mWAVE Mark P-25A36GN-U 0.9m / 3-ft parabolic grid is a rugged professional grade antenna that goes beyond anything available in the market, of its size.  This robust antenna design is deployed in critical networks where reliability and sustainability are essential. Unlike other small aperture grids these small aperture reflectors are designed with a Survival Rating of 201 kmh / 125 mph wind and are customizable to withstand other conditions per the customers site specific environmental conditions. All mWAVE Mark parabolic grid antennas meet or exceed Standard ANSI/TIA-222.


A true characteristic of mWAVE’s P-25A36GN-U 0.9m / 3-ft Mark parabolic grids is lower wind-loading, typically reduced by 40% or more from a comparable sized solid antenna without ice. Other key features found on this model series are a full range of independent azimuth and elevation adjustments similar to the features found on mWAVE’s larger parabolic grid antennas. The reflector mounts to a  customers provided vertical mast pipe ranging from 2.38 in. – 4 in. OD (60 mm – 102 mm). Custom mounts for specific applications are available on request The reflector is manufactured with high quality aluminum tubes and welded to an aluminum rim and back ring for years of trouble free operation.


These small aperture grids can be found in all corners of the communication industry ranging from, wireless broadband service providers, military, research, corporate data-backhaul, broadcast studio to transmitter link (STL), temporary or redundant systems, utility markets, public safety segments and wireless carriers to name a few.


The antennas come with mWAVE’s standard 3 year warranty.  To find out more or to request a quote, click here 

mWAVE Industries, LLC is part of the Alaris Holdings Group of Companies.

New Group CTO at mWAVE Industries LLC Holdings

The mWAVE Industries LLC Group has been expanding over the last few years and through this expansion, the need for a Group CTO role has become evident. This role will play a central role in providing guidance to the CTO roles in the subsidiaries and will coordinate and foster technical cooperation and synergies between the mWAVE Industries LLC Group of companies R&D and technical efforts. It will establish the Group’s technical vision and lead aspects of the Group’s technological development.

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Dr Chris Vale, will fulfil the role of the mWAVE Industries LLC Holdings Group CTO. Dr Vale joined mWAVE Industries LLC in 2003 in the R&D department and has been with the Company for 16 years, during which time he has served in various capacities, proving himself to be a committed company advocate.

Due to Chris moving into a Group role, this leaves an opportunity and vacancy within mWAVE Industries LLC for the CTO role. Dr Vale will be actively involved in discharging his current duties as CTO until his replacement is found. The Executive Board considered Chris’s loyalty to the company, the years of excellent service, enthusiasm and kind manner. We believe Chris represents and lives the mWAVE Industries LLC values.

We wish Chris all the best in his new role.

mWAVE’s OQCL0-04-LC – High Powered CP Wideband Omni Antennas Delivers

mWAVE’s wideband omni antennas feature customizable configurations the most discriminating deployment applications can demand. These UHF FTS High Powered LHCP Wideband Omni Antennas – model number OQCL0-04-LC is designed for the commercial sector and for use in military applications. These antennas are designed and manufactured to support both fixed site and mobile applications.  All models provide hemispherical coverage over a frequency range of 370 MHz to 450 MHz and is capable of handling either 1,000 or 1,500 watts of continuous power (CW).  RF inputs are available with LC female, 7/8 EIA or 7/16 DIN female input connectors.  The connector input is situated at the base of the antenna.  Customizable alternate RF input options are available on request.  Input VSWR is 1.2:1 maximum.  The design of these antennas provides maximum life cycle over a broad temperature range in the most extreme environments including salt, sand, and radial ice. 

Other antenna model versions and frequency bands with various power handling options and polarizations are available on request.

mWAVE’s custom design team will design and manufacture antennas to meet your specific requirements. Our engineers have experience from 100 MHz to over 110 GHz, and with apertures ranging in size from a single patch to over 15 feet. Let us partner with you to develop a set of specifications that meet your system requirements.

For additional information and questions, contact mWAVE.

COJOT Product Spotlight: Wideband Antennas for all Major Wireless Frequencies

COJOT offers wideband antennas for the 400 – 6000 MHz range that provide an ideal solution to different kind of applications and for various types of installation environments – covering wireless technologies like 5G, LTE, LINK-16, WLAN & ISM 2.4GHz & 5 GHz and WiMAX.

Compact NATO / US Pattern Mount Vehicle Antennas

WB460M: 430 – 6000 MHz, 100 W

The WB460M is a highly compact, lightweight and low-profile vehicle antenna that is ideally suited for communication and ground-to-air applications like LINK 16.

  • Excellent upward radiation performance
  • High gain over the entire frequency range 
  • NATO / US pattern mount

WB425M: 400 – 6000 MHz, 200 W

The WB425M is a highly compact vehicle antenna that is very well suited for jamming and monitoring applications.

  • High power rating, 200W
  • Optimal horizontal coverage 
  • Light antenna with NATO / US pattern mount

Compact magnetic mount vehicle antenna

WB460W: 420 – 6000 MHz, 200 W

The WB460W is a magnetic mount antenna for applications where a quick antenna setup and removal is required or where a permanent installation is not desired.

  • Ideal operation in the UHF / SHF bands
  • High power rating, starting from 200W
  • Reliable and durable magnetic mount for temporary installations in ECM, Monitoring and Comms applications.

Portable antenna with shock absorption spring

WB460Q: 420 – 6000 MHz, 40 W

The WD460Q is a rugged, high performance manpack antenna that does not require a ground plane for proper operation. The antenna is particularly suited for portable communication and jamming applications.

  • Effective coverage of the entire frequency range
  • Rugged antenna construction with shock absorption spring

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