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mWave acquires Gabriel and Mark Grid Antennas

mWave Announcement

mWAVE Industries LLC is excited to announce that it has recently acquired the assets of the Gabriel Antenna (including QuickFireTM and Flat Panels) and Mark Grid Antenna product lines. The company is currently moving the production of the two brands to its facilities in Windham, Maine USA. Informational updates to follow.

Please contact mWave Industries or visit the below websites for more information.

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Mwave Antenna Design

Antenna DesignDevelopmentManufacturingTesting Services

mWAVE Industries, LLC designs and manufactures standard and custom antenna products for commercial and government applications spanning the scientific, defense, and academic communities with a special focus on:

  • 60 GHz, 80 GHz, 94 GHz & 110 GHz parabolic antenna
  • 4FT to 15FT Mark Grid antennas
  • Gabriel flat panel and QuickFire™ parabolic antennas
  • Advanced feed designs for satellite tracking
  • Custom antenna and specialized feed applications
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mWave commercial parabolic microwave antennas

Commercial Antennas

Parabolic antennas are available in 8”, 1', 2’, 3’, 4’ and 6’ diameters with optional molded radomes. Our antennas feature vertex mounted rear-insertable feeds in single, dual linear, and circular polarizations.

Our millimeter wave 60 GHz to 110 GHz products are available for commercial, airborne and military applications and can be configured with our industry leading dual polarization adapters.

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Custom Reflector Microwave antennas

Custom Antennas

We are experts in antenna development, and can customize an existing product or develop a new product designed to satisfy your specific system requirements.

WAVE specializes in reflector antennas and feeds including conscan and monopulse. Our product offering also encompasses microstrip arrays, horns, helices, sectors, omnidirectional antennas, and waveguide arrays.

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mWave Antenna Test Facility

Test Range

WAVE owns and operates a complete antenna test facility to support RF characterization of our standard and custom antenna products. mWAVE’s facility regularly supports independent test programs.

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October 2015

WAVE Industries LLC has completed the move of the Gabriel and Mark antenna production equipment to our facility in Windham, Maine. We are currently setting up the production lines and anticipate that we will be in production of the Gabriel QuickFire™ Antenna line and Mark Parabolic Grid lines by December 2015. Updates to follow.

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